Top 7 Ways to Determine Trade-In Value Butte

Posted by Mike Murray on Jul 13, 2016 12:40:30 PM


Do you know what your vehicle is worth?

Whether you're just curious about your trade-in value Butte or you're thinking about upgrading your vehicle, you should learn what Butte car dealers look for when evaluating a trade. That way, you'll know what to expect when you start negotiating.

Here are the top seven ways to find out what your vehicle is worth.


Top 7 Criteria for Trade-In Value Butte

  1. Vehicle information. The first criteria used car dealers in Butte will consider is your general vehicle information: year, make, model, trim level, and even color. They'll likely use a trusted service like Kelley Blue Book to research the objective value of your vehicle.
  2. Current mileage. Next, Butte car dealers will check how many miles you've got. Naturally, the lower your mileage, the higher your value.
  3. General condition. The third most important factor in determining Butte trade-in value is your vehicle's condition (including exterior, interior, and mechanical aspects). This criterion is somewhat subjective, but if you've maintained your vehicle well, it will probably fall under either "good" or "average."
  4. After-market modifications. Next, Butte dealerships will look at whether you've added any after-market parts or modifications. Some of these, like rear spoilers, will typically hurt your trade-in value, as it's more difficult to A) resell them and B) know if the job was done well.
  5. Accident history. Another key criterion for trade-in value in Butte is your accident and maintenance history. Obviously, if your vehicle was in a serious accident, it will be worth less — but if you can prove your car has gotten regular service, you'll be much better off.
  6. Current market conditions. The next thing dealers will consider is national sales trends and auction data. If the market is good, you're in luck!
  7. Dealership needs. Finally, used car lots in Butte will consider their own inventory needs when evaluating your trade. Timing and location are huge indicators — in the spring and summer, they're probably looking for cars; in the fall and winter, they're hoping for trucks and SUVs.

Get a Free Trade Evaluation for Used Cars Butte

If you're still reading, it probably means you're considering trading in your vehicle sometime soon.

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